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  • How To Pass A Lie Detector Test

    For most people, lying causes physiological reactions in the body such as increased heart rate, heavy breathing, and sweating. It is the job of a polygraph test to detect these changes, which can let an experienced examiner know when you are trying to be deceptive. […]

  • Polygraph Testing Errors

    False Readings - Polygraph test have proven to be accurate, but errors still do occur. There are a number of factors that contribute to false readings including not preparing the subject properly and not reading the polygraph charts correctly. A false positive occurs when the test […]

  • Pre-employment Polygraph Testing

    Establishing a baseline in pre-employment polygraph testing is challenging, which is why there are so few studies conducted on how accurate they are in that particular context. However, it is reasonable to assume the accuracy rates would be similar to other contexts since the tests […]

  • The History and Basic Facts of Polygraph

    The history of civilization is filled with attempts to detect lies and to verify the truth. During the 18th century some methods of detection included the Ordeal of Boiling Water. In this test the subject would stick his hand in a pot of boiling water […]